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This digital resource makes Agility with Sound an affordable option for wide use within a school. 

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The Physical Resources

If you want to use these books and other resources for a small number of students, you are much better to purchase the hard copy version. There are many, evidence-based advantages to reading print on paper, and for a small number of users it is cheaper as well, certainly in the long run.

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This collection of decodable books has been written for older students. Some of the early titles may suit students in Year 4, but other titles, especially in the higher levels, are written with intermediate and secondary students in mind. 

All books are scripted for comprehension, modelling the thinking of competent students. They are as much about comprehension as they are about decoding. The comprehension scripts include the text of each book, so that the teacher or teaching assistant can follow the text, and comment or question appropriately.

The sequence can be viewed here.

Reading the Books

This gives practice in applying new skills to real text. The books are made up of words students have already learnt to process, with a minimum number of the most common words that most students already recognise. But comprehension matters

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Sentence Book

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Begin with the Sentence Book

Students will benefit more from the other writing assignments if they are able to write a basic sentence. I recommend getting as far as the compound sentence activities before beginning on the first assignments that follow the books.

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This extends comprehension, builds vocabulary, develops critical thinking skills, and develops the ability to construct sentences, paragraphs, essays and other writing formats.

The writing assignments teach students how to structure a piece of writing: the role of an introduction, how to use a sequence of paragraphs, and write a conclusion. They include how to summarise, how to persuade, to write a letter, and more. Vocabulary development is heavily emphasised.

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